Students Information

Principles and Practices at Hayat

At Hayat, we hope that students will lead to fulfilling, and happy lives in a comfortable, spiritual and secure environment, so that they may progress in their learning.

At Hayat accepts a wide range of pupils of differing abilities and interests and we are happy to accept any boarder who we feel will thrive in our friendly and caring environment. Boarding is allocated by age groups, in separate wings and on separate floors.

Approaching members of staff if they have a matter or complaint that they wish to discuss.  Welfare support is provided through mentoring by the Boarding staff and the Teachers. Medical care is offered by the appropriately trained Boarding staff and administration staff, who are all trained in Medical Administration and First Aid.

  1. All pupils are obliged to attend the prayers regularly and on time.
  2. Excels in being an exemplary human and contributes to the wider community.
  3. Develops his understanding to enable him to fit into society and have a significant impact on clearing misconceptions and assisting in the propagation of co-existence and harmony
  4. Establishes a system of contemplation, reflection and personal worship to seek to attain inner peace and harmony
  5. Acquires a character that is courageous, kind, merciful, spiritual, wise and one with a strong sense of Taqwa (piety)
  6. Learns to incorporate the essential practices and spirit of Islam in his daily life
  7. Learns the importance of playing his part in contributing to a family and community
  8. Learns the value of service, duty and self-discipline
  9. Learns to develop a sense of responsibility for himself and others
  10. Appreciates the role and importance of education and character-building
  11. Learns the value of friendship, selflessness and helping others
  12. Learns to be responsible for his own health and hygiene
  13. Appreciates respects and honours the environment.

At Hayat, there will be other students of similar age. However, they may be of different backgrounds and from different places. It is important to get to know your roommates; this is part of learning about our fellow Muslims/ none Muslim

There will be a cupboard in the bedroom just for you; this is to contain all your clothing and school books etc.

In your bedroom, there is a smoke and fire alarm for everyone’s protection. Please do not play with these items for health and safety reasons.

Keeping bedrooms clean and tidy is your responsibility, work out a rota with your room-mates to clean it regularly. The bedrooms will be inspected regularly to ensure that they are clean. Above all, remember Rasulullah (PBUH) has stated that cleanliness is half of Imaan.

Personal Appearance

Students must at all times wear clothes confirming to Islamic Law.

Smoking and Illegal items at Hayat

Smoking is strictly prohibited in Hayat. It is a very serious offence to bring cigarettes, Shisha pens, drugs or any such items into the Hayat. If you are not sure of whether something is allowed or not, then the responsibility is on the student and guardian to clarify before bringing and/or using on site.


This can be done by asking the on-duty housemaster. If it is an emergency, then an on-duty housemaster will make an appointment for you to see the doctor at his surgery at the earliest opportunity or arrange for you to be taken to the hospital. Any medication will be stored in the medical room. All medication can only be taken at their prescribed time and under the supervision of a member of staff.

First Aiders

Display boards will have up to date information with all first aiders and first aid box locations. They have completed an HSE approved First Aid course and hold a valid certificate of competence in First Aid at Work (FAW) or Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW).

Safe Keeping

Hayat is committed to the welfare, safeguarding and health and safety of all and understands it to be of the highest standard. In addition to clear guidelines for the safety of the pupils,’ there is CCTV that has been put in place and which is monitored by designated staff.


If the fire alarm sounds, leave the building immediately and gather at the designated assembly point outside. There are fire escape plans throughout the building. Do not wait for friends or to collect belongings if the fire alarm sounds.


Hayat has a strict no-bullying policy. Any student found bullying; his parents will be called and may be expelled from the institute as a result. If you are being bullied, then inform someone straight away. Relevant posters have been displayed around Hayat giving guidance in the event that any student is worried or concerned about any matter. You can ask for more information

Where can I get help?

If there are any problems, you can get help from?

  • Staff
  • Principal

Any member of staff

Please do not hesitate to talk to any of the staff or go to the principal if there are any problems.

Holiday & Term dates:

The holiday and term dates will be given to the parents at the beginning of the New Year. It is also available on the school website.

Leave is only given under strict circumstances for important events/appointments such as a hospital appointment. Permission will be given for leave for weddings in the immediate family only. All requests must be sent 72 hours prior. This is to give enough time for decisions by the management. In emergency circumstances, exceptions will be made.


Salah will be prayed on its appointed time and the timetable will reflect that. The timetable for the day is as follows:

  1. 7.00am Breakfast served in the dining hall
  2. 8.00am Classes start
  3. 10.30am Morning break
  4. 10.50am Classes restart
  5. 12.30pm Lunch
  6. 1.30pm Midday prayers (Zohar)
  7. 1.45pm Prayers end
  8. 5.45pm Break time (self-catering facilities)
  9. 7.15pm Homework and revision time (under supervision)
  10. 9.00pm Dinner
  11. 10.00pm Sleep-time


If a student is involved in any one of the following he may be subject to a disciplinary which may also involve going home late.

  1. Being absent from class twice in two weeks, without permission and valid reason.
  2. Missing Salah twice in a two week period
  3. Keeping the room untidy at any time
  4. Misbehaving in the premises after being warned.
  5. Hayat operates a safe recruitment procedure, including DBS checks on all staff volunteers and any other contractors in regular contact with pupils, including volunteers and staff employed by another organization.