Student Safety In Oman

Student safety and security is our top priority, and it is our desire to help you enhance your day-to-day safety and to know how to respond to emergency situations, in the unlikely event that they may arise. Oman is justly known as a very safe country in comparison to most nations. Its people have a reputation for being gentle, peaceful, and welcoming.

You may follow the news from the Arab world over the past year or two with a mixture of excitement and concern. The movements for political reform throughout the region mark a historic moment for many countries, and Oman was not untouched by these events.

Both the Omani people and the Sultan were determined that reforms be achieved without violence. Indeed, the overwhelmingly peaceful approach citizens have taken, coupled with the government’s responsiveness, has allowed for political dialogue free of the sort of clashes that typically have been seen in other Arab countries.

Omanis are known for being warm and gracious toward foreign visitors. Visitors must keep in mind, however, that the culture is traditional and behavioural expectations are strong.