Welcome to Arabic In Oman

You’ll be studying at Hayat Institute

The package includes transportation, accommodation, and breakfast.

The teaching is focused on regular excursions where students have the opportunity to explore the country, tour sites and take part in extracurricular activities such as Quad Biking and jet skiing, etc.

This gives the students the opportunity to come to Oman to study and be a tourist at the same time.

The institute has been setup to accommodate for a range of circumstances such as families, couples or singles whether they be male or female with segregated facilities.

Magnificent Oman

Our all time favourite country.

There is no better place to holiday and enjoy the endless summer than in Oman.

Whether it’s walking along verdant terraced gardens and cool emerald pools, catching glimpses of turtles on a breezy, sandy beach, diving into blue seas to meet jewel coloured fish, stingrays and eels, or hiking the spectacular, chilly heights of Oman’s highest point to find the perfect view of the ‘Grand Canyon of Arabia’; Oman has the perfect summer experience waiting for you.

With a range of cool, diverse destinations and attractions that will appeal to families, outdoor enthusiasts, thrill seekers and lovers of luxury and culture alike, Oman will help you fall in love with summer again.

2020 Applications

We’re now taking applications for 2020. Limited spaces, apply early to avoid disappointment

Arabic reading, speaking and writing

The world’s most beautiful language, make it yours.

Arabic belongs to the Semitic family of languages, which also includes Hebrew, Aramaic and Phoenician.

Learn to read, speak and write in Arabic. Our courses are taught by qualified scholars and instructors. Whilst studying, enjoy Oman with the activities and tours available, and the everlasting summer weather! It’s lovely all year round!

Places are limited, please apply early to avoid disappointment.

Oman Retreats

Retreat and study Arabic in Oman

There is no better place to holiday and enjoy the endless summer than in Oman.

A short or long stay, with or without your children. Our Oman treats are short or long stays in Oman, where you can holiday and study Arabic. Your children can study Quran with Arabic and Seerah with Arabic.

We have limited spaces at this price, book today!

Places to visit Oman

Selection of places to visit in Oman